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At A1 Affordable lock and key, we do car key replacement. Automotive keys include basic car keys, chip keys, and transponder keys. If you need car key replacement, call A1 Affordable lock and key today.

Our experience enable us to provide you with recommendations to protect your residential property. From high-security dead bolts, decorative entrance handle sets, to suggesting the proper safe for your personnel needs. Also available: security window bars, rekeying and lockout service.

We provide a security and locksmith services and product for your commercial properties. Our mobile service delivers fast and efficient service with our stock of security and lock components, our on-truck resource and our locksmith equipment.Commercial locksmith and security services

home security ideas

Window Shades

Install window and door shades that make it difficult to see if someone is home. Consider treatments that offer some light filtration so that by day, interiors benefit from natural daylight, and by night, the house looks occupied

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Upgrade locks

Upgrade locks on all doors and windows—and use them! For exterior doors, enhance your security by choosing a locking solution that includes a Grade 1 (highest-grade security certificate) deadbolt.

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Guard Your Garage

Don’t forget about garages and sheds. Always keep garage doors closed, even while at home, so thieves are not able to spot items they may want to steal later. Lock valuable items, such as expensive bicycles and grills, with a chain and pad lock. Install a hasp and padlock on shed doors.

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Cautious Car Owners

Keep car doors locked and windows closed. Never leave valuables, especially electronics or money, in the car. Or if you must, put them out of sight. Use a locking device on your steering wheel in high-crime areas.

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